I'm buged!!! baddly >.>

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I'm buged!!! baddly >.>

Post by ShuriGun on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:03 am

My char is bugged!
Ever since last night when the server suddnelly got reseted/dced/ehat ever....
The guild Heartless got disbanded and I'm stuck as a "guild member"... cant create one or/and cant join one.

furthermore all my keyboard got reseted! ~I've lost all my skills!
And it keeps reseting each time I log out and log in!
meaning, I'm stuck with only 1 job skills... and because of that im in a disadvantage in pvp. (~Which is uncool!)

Please, help me!
advents assisstant
advents assisstant

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Re: I'm buged!!! baddly >.>

Post by [Admin]v3n0m on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:26 am


We dominate...We destroy...We pulverize all the other high rates, we get dissed by the noobs and still survive.


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