Connection to the Server has ended?

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Connection to the Server has ended?

Post by Piyohonke on Tue Oct 21, 2008 7:51 am

Alright so on the Technical Support section the most popular answer for this problem seems to be:
"The server is down."
Now I have this problem, but we all know the server isn't down since there are obviously people logged on to the server.
The problem seems to occur most often when the game freezes refusing to d/c you then when you do d/c the server claims you're still logged in then when you do D/C character to fix the problem another problem occurs.
That seems to be the "Connection to the Server has ended" problem. So does anyone have a clue of fixing it other than waiting for a long time/repeatedly doing D/C character/map fix/ I'm not banned / Server isn't down.

Thank you.
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