GM rules if u wanna read them

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GM rules if u wanna read them

Post by [Admin]v3n0m on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:32 am

// AngerFist MS Rules \\
1. You must not EVER ShutDown Server EVER
2. Never Give out ANY item without confronting me First
3. Never Warp Somone without ther permission
4. Only ban if they did something against rules (warn first)
5. Do not Spam !notice
6. Do not use pop up notice
7. never warp everyone in one spot
8. If somone tell's you they have donated please confront me by email or supply them with my email adress.
9. Do not threaten people becuase you are a GM you are no more powerful then them becuase u have donated.
10. Please Obey All the rules
11. Do not ask me for commands use !commands
12. Do not spawn more then 100 monsters at a time without them being dead.
13. You may only help friends level by useing this ( Reccomended = !spawn 100100 hp 1000000 exp 101111 )
14. Do not spawn Horntail in a town.
15. Do not spawn Big monsters in Town.
16. Do not supply somone with Boss Monsters to get items from them.
17. Dont Spawn NX slimes without a event.
18. Events must be confronted by me befor held.
19. Do not ask for [Helper] to come off your name unless you pay for a name change 5$
20. Do not use !dcall <- equals a autoban.
21. If you break any of these rules you will be banned and GM deleted off that account. you will not get a refund.
22. If your Character gets messed up or you messed them up your reliable for it not us. You character will not be remade

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