Server Annoucment's/How to

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Server Annoucment's/How to

Post by [Admin]v3n0m on Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:45 pm

General Information

Connecting to the server as 1.2.3
First all you got to download our client at Here
Now you need to register!! Click Here
Still getting a error? is the game closeing on u once it starts to load? it goes black and gives you a error u cant read WELL then i gusse you don't have Maple Story v.55!
Simple fix Download it at Here. Have Fun playing AngerFist MS!!!! =]

Message Board :

8/28/2008 - Posted 8/29/2008
We have had the server up guys. i see you guys just chilling on the forum. vist the frikken website.

Download new exe is all you have to do comon guys

Website :
Download 1 :
Download 2 :

We dominate...We destroy...We pulverize all the other high rates, we get dissed by the noobs and still survive.


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